Connect 4 – Sunday Afternoon Small Group

Sunday Afternoon Small Group

Time: 5-6pm
Place: Conference Room in the Church Fellowship Building
Facilitator: Katie Gillespie
Childcare: Not at this time
Group Description: This group is newly formed and is seeking to provide material and discussion revolving around the desires of prospective attendees. It is open to all ages and genders. Our name signifies the number in the group plus God (currently 4 members = Connect 5). We recently completed the small group study by Rick Warren, “Better Together.”  The next study will be announced soon (possibly the Circle Maker series). This small group is a place to really connect with Jesus through being in the Word and utilizing study helps that focus on ways to bring us closer to God and to each other.  Another benefit is being energized to reach out to others to connect them with Jesus.

Close bonds are formed when we share our faith experiences and our “ups and downs” with each other.  This is done with complete confidentiality (“what happens in small group, stays in small group!”).